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Welcome to the website which assures that the products can be of a high quality and at a low price at the same time. Our goal is to give a promotional offer so that the products can be available to everybody in order to show the brand quality. The prices in our offer are two to three times lower comparing to the prices of similar quality products and practically the same or lower than prices of lower quality products. We made it possible for everybody to test our products, even if somebody does not believe in the quality of the products because of the lowest price on the market.

When we say that our products are of a similar quality to the most famous brands, we use the word “similar” in order not to sound pretentious, but there is no sign of equality with no other brand at the moment. It is simple- the other brands are investing in the advertisements and do not use the materials we use. They use high quality materials and they do not need better materials because they are already famous. We are in a different position as a new brand on the market and the position itself demands a special acknowledgment. This is the reason why our products are made of highest quality fabrics which are not profitable to the

famous brands, so we assume they do not need them, because people believe in their advertisements.

Our products are made in world wide factories that have high quality of materials and a good reference product list, which means they have worked for the leading world brands. We all know that none of the famous brands have manufactured products in their countries, but all over the world, for years because of profitable production. This is what we also do, but our most important demand is the choice of the highest quality materials and the price of producing is after that. Most of our products are made according to our special demands and this is what makes our offer unique. Even when a material looks like ours, it does not mean it is the same one. The best examples are our jersey materials where we took the fabrics of the highest quality of a brand we represented as the basic one, but, at our demand, we made it better. The fabrics are thinner, which demands thinner needles and more expensive production, but they dry faster, they are lighter and more elastic and durable.
The basis of our quality is the quality of product during the use- that is the ball performances when people play with it- its rotation, bounce, direction… or the shoes comfort when they are worn- flexibility, security, precise kick and energy saving. Our first goal was not the durability of the product, but extremely good quality and performance during the play.

However, it turned out that durability is twice or three times longer than the durability of similar products on the market, which is probably the result of using the latest and the most expensive materials on the market. When our shoes were tested at Jugoinspekt, Serbian authorized company for product testing, the result was surprising- the test came to the end of software possibilities (shoe is flexed 500.000 times and the inside of the shoe is repressed 100.000 times) without any shoe damage. When professional shoes are tested, the shoe is flexed 150.000 times so this is the reason the software is predicted to work up to 500.000 times. You can look at the report we put in the part Memoris shoes.

All our products are tested and improved for a long time before final confirmation that the mass production can start. We often add various improvements during the testing even when the product is of the highest quality already. Our motto is – It can always be better. While satisfied customers were praising our balls, we were improving them additionally and as a result we got balls with closed seam method as a totally new approach to handmade balls for soccer and futsal. Balls are long lasting and their features (rotation, direction, bounce and precise kick) are on the level which does not exist on our market.

Our advertisement are the satisfied customers, who talk about our quality and prices to their friends and our future buyers. Our success will depend on the whole team as in sports. Our team will be made of all our buyers. We hope you will be the part of it, you- readers of our lines… We can maintain ourselves only if your story about us recommends us further, if your satisfaction makes marketing for us.

And this is no end to our story with you, there is lot more. We will be there to follow you during the use of our products, ready to accept every praise or critic (if any happens)- to give lot more than simple guarantee for our products, and if you are part of some sports team, we follow your results and give you awards. We give awards to success, to faithfulness to our products, and to recommendations that you give for us… We are ready to have all true sportsmen with sport spirit in our team and to play fair.
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Memoris Serbia

Welcome to the website which assures that the products can be of a high quality and at a low price at the same time. Our goal is to give a promotional. offer so that the products can be available to everybody in order to show the brand quality. The prices in our offer are two... >> More details

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